Djay Pro compatible with Rane Sixty Two Mixer?

We are DJing using Djay Pro for Mac this week, the venue provides a Rane Sixty Two performance mixer - is the program compatible with the hardware?

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Hi Justine Suzuki,

replied in another thread, but I think after opening this one we should stay here.

In general it is the same thing with the Race Sixty-Two, you have two options either mapping the mixer as we unfortunately dont provide a native mapping via the midi mapping feature - if you got any questions you know where to find :slight_smile: - or using the mixer in external mixer mode.

It depends on your setup what option suits you better, are you using other controllers, like CDJ’s besides the Sixty Two?

Also possible would be a combination of external mixer mode and using the mixer as midi controller.

Lukas E. 

Hi Justine,

thank you for the follow up. In general by using djay in the external mixer mode you use the software as music library and track information display, the rest (Mixer, Crossfaders, Fader, Recording…) is all up to the Rane Sixty Two. So one thing you can’t in djay is recording, if you give me some more info about what you try to setup for the venue i can check if things are working in this mode.

But keep in mind that you can still use all keyboard shortcuts by using your Laptop and additional map the Rane Mixer’s Buttons.

Handy would be to map the… 

  • Loop Button and Loop size adjustment knob
  • some hot cues
  • maybe some instant FX
  • and all other feature you feel missing 

I would suggest you look through the keyboard shortcuts (Shift + K) and check out how it feels using them.
Next you can look up how to set up the Rane in External Mixer mode, therefore open the djay Pro Manual (cmd + ?) and go to chapter 5.16 “External mixing”.

After setting up the Controller in that mode you can still use him for triggering midi events, therefore you can map the controllers button in djay’s midi learning feature. If you need help with the mapping please tell us which features you are missing and I will see how we can get them on your Mixer.

Lukas E.

Hi Lukas!

Thank you so much for your reply, really appreciate it. We currently aren’t using other controllers for this particular event, so it is possible we’d be using the mixer as a midi controller - if that is possible! Does the external mixer mode change the user experience of the platform very much?

Sorry for the silly questions, we are very new to this and learning what our best set up would be :slight_smile: Thank you for your insights & help!