Djay pro crasches on laptop (Windows 10 )

This week DJAY Pro cashed 2 times on the laptop. First Spotify Goes offline gets restored by me ( logging in again) Then DJAY crashed, shuts down compleetly so I need to start up DJAY again. I need DJAY fast for a gig…please help.

I can’t even open it on windows it freezes

Worse thing is you cannot get a refund and the customer support is terrible. I spent weeks sending emails back and forth DJay could not sort it. So I’m stuck with rubbish software I cannot use. Jumped ship to Serato and Tidal a lot better.

It worked beatifuly for about a month. No It starts to crash

Thanks for your advice. If DJAY does not crash It works realy good. Bought Numark Mixtrack Platinum hardware and must say that It works realy fine with DJAY.
Sorry to hear that your exprience is not so great. Excuse my englisch, im Dutch
I hope that you wil have more Luck with Sarato.
By the way, What kind of system do you use for pc?