Djay Pro Crashes while Djing

Djay Pro crashes every 30 minutes.
What was I doing right before it crashed?
I was Djing.

Did you send a crash report? I have been sending them and they still don’t know why it’s crashing.

Lukas, with all due respect, a SHOW STOPPING crash should never take WEEKS or MONTHS to identify and fix.

And that email was LAST WEEK.

Other software companies fix crashes in hours.

So, the result is that I have to play a bride’s first song tonight and hope that this does not crash in the middle of the song? Is that fair to your customers?

So don’t be upset if your customers are getting a little upset that you can’t fix the slow search and the crashes in a timely manner. We have so much on the line when we play in front of hundreds of people.

Did you send a crash report? That’s the only way they know how to fix it.

Could you at least describe the crash? What were you doing at the time? Etc.

They take crashes very seriously and work hard to make sure they are taken care of right away, so as much information you can give would help the developers greatly.

Guys, please update to djay Pro 1.1.3. Let us know if you still have the problem.

As discussed via email, we received your crash-reports and our developer will contact you as soon as possible.

Same thing, crash when i search i song on spotify and itunes library and impossible to run a another software when djay pro is running (Like safari, finder…etc)

I did Update it last week and it crashed two times during performance… I’m really thinking on changing to another software…

I alterada did but nothing happened

Crash always happen whenever you type a name of a song or artist you are searching for in the iTunes library

Hi Dylan,

Thank you for getting in touch.

We are sorry to hear that you are facing an issue. Could you please share further information (your operating system version, your djay version…)

and also when djay is crashing?

outdated thread

Please reference the new conversation here: djay Crash

I have the same issue 4 years later

Are you kidding me… it always crashes, it is now unusable , unless you want to look a complete arse ! I have reported this time after time… still no fix.

Hello Lukas,

Sorry for my late reaction.

I am using Windows 10,
DJay pro

DJay pro Jusaly crashes while DJing

I am Dylan, but i forgot my login

Get your shit together Algoriddim…You make Winamp look like a fucking saving grace. And it is. Winamp is the shit and I’ll defend it up and down. Meanwhile We PAID for your shitty program and it crashes every hour. Also running windows 10 and I was switching from web browser to the djaypro when It happened last time. It changes every time.