DJay Pro Crashing every time i open it????

Please help
DJay Pro is crashing every time i open it.
Each time i have to Force Quit to close
keep getting spinning wheel every time i open app.
I’m running MacBook pro High Sierra 10.13.2

I uninstalled app and reinstalled it but that didn’t fix the problem

I recently installed the new Djay Pro 2 but i’m still not ready to gig with it.
I need to get Djay Pro working


Are we not supporting dJay Pro now that Pro 2 is out?
can i get some help here?

Yesterday i renamed these files and folder
Metadata floder
djay Cached Data.plist
djay Preset Library.plist

Then open DJay pro and I got it to work.
But today it’s doing the same crashing at start again

And this time renaming the files and folder is not helping

can i get some help here?


It looks like this is the file that’s causing the crash


and ideas?