Djay Pro crashing on left decks

Hey guys,

I’ve been having an issue with the program crashing (especially when loading songs on the left deck) and can’t press play from my decks or in the actual DAW. It also changes all the outputs and is really frustrating mid set.

Has anyone had the same problem or know of a solution?


Hi there and welcome to the forum. Can you kindly advise the following. What version of software are you using? Are you using this on iPad/iPhone/MacBook etc?

When has the issue started happening? Are you using your controller? Give us much information as you can to replicate the issue. So that people may offer suggestions.

Actually also had the problem twice now mid set that play didn’t react when pressed on my controller :thinking:

Hi there. Can you please respond to my previous question.

Hi there,

I am using version 4.1.9 on Mac OS Big Sur. It started happening around 2 months ago. I’m using a DDJ-400 via USB.

Like I said the song on the left deck loads but won’t play (if I press it from my controller or within the software itself).

Not so sure what the issue is.


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Have you tried a fresh install?

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I actually updated my MacBook Pro a few days ago and when I had a mix today, I actually noticed the tracks taking much longer than usual to fully load up and it also skipping beats wile I was deep into some mixes, making me clang the beats real bad ? I also noticed some of the effects we’re taking longer to activate than normal. I did stop and restart my MacBook etc but after five mins into the mix again. It started doing the same again ? I’m hoping it was the hot :hot_face: weather effecting my laptop, as I’ve never experienced this problem in the 2 years I’ve been using it but I thought it might be best to mention it here. As I did just complete an update like others and have never seen this software lag like this before. I was planning to do a livestream this weekend, so I’ll test it again tomorrow and keep you updated, unless you find something wrong at your end.

Thanks :wink:

Today was a lot cooler in temperature and I did manage to get through a 2hour mix with only few problems that never use to happen. I deleted x3 folders with over 200 tracks from my laptop last night, just incase it was a memory problem but today the software still seemed to be running slightly slower than normal. A track did jump once, when I activated a ufo effect on the voice while x2 tracks were in the perfect mix ? And the echo effects etc on the mixer had to be pressed 2-3 times sometimes before the effects came through the speakers? It was like the software couldn’t handle or keep up with my mixing skills, when I no it definitely can. Reason I love this software so much but something currently seems a bit off. I basically had to do less with chopping in and out of tracks and using effects etc, for me to be able to get through my 2hour mix. So I am a little nervous about doing my livestream this Sunday and might wait until next weekend. I’ve only updated the djay software, as there’s not been any recent updates for my mac. Djay settings have always been the same but it definitely now feels like a new low memory problem? I don’t think re installing will change anything at my end but I also might loose all my settings lolz. Really hope you can find if there’s a problem.

I will test the software tomorrow to see if the problem has been resolved, I’m now absolutely nervous to go live youtube if it’s still glitchy.