djay pro doesn't recognize traktor kontrol s4

i just bought djay pro for a gig tomorrow where i will be needing spotify. the problem is that the software doesn’t recognize my midi controller. i’ve tried to put the s4 into midi mode (holding shift+browse) but the midi window in djay is still blank. I’m common with mapping in traktor pro but i have no ideas how to get this right until tomorrow so please help me. if i can’t map the controller as i wish i would like a refund because then i have bought the program for 50€ and won’t use it even once…

thanks for quick replies

I used this and it worked…

yes midi mode is enabled on my s4mk1 still doesn’t work

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Hey, I have a quick question i tried to connect the s4 to djay pro. He take it as a MIDI , the window for configuration opens but i cant do anything afterwards?! Any solution?

Please double check you have switched the controller into Midi Mode correctly:…

Also make sure you’re running the latest Driver for the controller:

Did you first enable Midi Mode for your S4 from inside TRAKTOR? (After that you can switch by pressing the keys on your controller.)
Do you have S4 MK1 or MK2?
S2 MK1 → Shift + Browse
S2 MK2 → Shift + Shift (as Mark writes)
See this earlier post by Warren, too:…

I got DJay to work with my S2. Try pressing both shift keys at once. That should put your deck into MIDI mode. The only issue I have is once programmed, the buttons don’t light up or turn off when I press them. I have to watch the screen on my computer to see if a button is active. So now I run my S2 using Traktor 2, and my iPod, using DJay Pro through a mixer input. It gives me the ability to run Traktor (iTunes) and Djay (Spotify) at the same time. I ran this setup at a wedding last month and it worked great! Hope this helps.

I had a lot of conversations with both Algoriddm and Traktor techs. Finally i gave up and bougth a Pioneer DDJ-SB2.

i am facing the same struggle - it works, it doesn’t work, it works, i doesn’t work.
do you need to buy a new controller just for it to work properly???

algoriddim djay pro kontrol s4mk2 mapping
Djay see the S4 I map all the Buttons But nothing works , It works in Djay midi window

Traktor s2 MK2 works with the djayPro software.

step 1) go to Traktor website and download the full driver/software package.( including the Traktor software demo)

Step2) navigate to this website to download a sample MIDI mapping…

Step 3) Open djay Pro, you will be prompted to use Traktor m2 for output. click yet.

Step4) in settings, make traktor your output internal and external the 2nd deck option.

step 5 ) close djay pro, double click on the MIDI mapping that we downloaded and it will open djaypro, will tell you if you want to use this mapping for traktor, click YES.

step 6) close and re-open djay pro 1 more time, once open, hold down both shift keys on traktor and all lights will come on. you can go into MIDI stetting to change the mappings of keys but the one on the link seems to work great.

s4 needs this support
like so SERIOUS!!!
THIS would be so
freakin Awesome!!
whats the hold up??

Hi i’ve done everything but still my s4 doesn’t respond to dj pro - only the main sound level works, nothing else. Any ideas?

same problem…
and all the midi still have to set up manually by my self…is anybody can share midi mapping traktor s2 plz??
and can’t get the cue …

Please just make a video how you could connect the S4 with your software. I like the software but without being able to connect with my traktor its useless… please work on this!

Had the same problem. Try this link from Djtech tools. Fixed my issue. Also very stable enough to play live. Make sure to first open Traktor, wait for it to load then close traktor. Open djay pro and choose Traktor S4 as the audio option. Hope this helps anyone with an S4 and Djay pro.
Million thanks to Hilel Fineg! Enjoy!…