Djay pro doesn't set the beatgrids right with Tidal

Hi there, why is it that djay pro Windows doesn’t set the beatgrids right? The grid doesn’t start at the first beat and the bars are not the right length. It makes the intergrating of Tidal with dj pro useless for me.
Hope Djay pro can fix this in teh near future.

This is the same with the android version. I find that when I change the audio quality for tidal the beat grid is different each time. When I select normal quality, the beat grid is correct but the other options cause the beatgrid to be completely out of time with the track.

In my experience, it is best to set the audio quality for streaming services once and never change it because it will mess up your beat grids and cue points. This is the same whether on iOS, MacOS, Windows or Android.

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