Djay Pro DVS only works with Rekordbox Open and running on Mac Os Sonoma 14.3.1 - Why?

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  • Device model Apple Macbook Air
  • Version of operating system Mac OS 14.3.1
  • Version of djay 5.1.6
  • Hardware/controllers used Pioneer DJM-450 , Reloop RP 7000, Rekordbox Control Vinyl

I Can only Get DVS working while Rekordbox is also running in the background. I am using Rekordbox control vinyl but as noted this is compatible signal and should work. I could only calibrate the control vinyl after running and calibrating with Rekordbox. I have had this same issue on older Macs.
This is not a major issue but bizarre to say the least and could potentially suck up RAM. I’m also just eager to understand why?

Did you choose the correct settings in the DJM-450 utility?

Probably Rekordbox does this automatically, as it’s Pioneer software.

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Hi @BasementSelector, the DJM-450 input channels are internally locked down by Pioneer. Running Rekordbox in the background effectively unlocks the audio input of this mixer.

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Googled from the Pioneer DJ forum:

Launch Rekordbox in Performance mode (to unlock the DVS inputs)
Go to Preferences/DVS and uncheck Enable DVS Function (to release them from RKB)
Now launch and configure your application

Success !!!
You can now use your DJM 450 with other software than Rekordbox.

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Thanks for that @PKtheDJ

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Thank You! @PKtheDJ ! This is super helpful - next step is to see if this allows me to use the DJM-450 with iOS and Djay Pro. Cheers