Djay Pro. Flawless on a 2010 Mac 2gb 2,4 core duo.

I was waiting a long time for a windows release, but i could not wait any longer, so i bought myself a 2010 unibody white Macbook 2gb 2,4 core duo, that was pretty affordable. I could just not spend too much on a new mac. I choose the unibody, because of the 2 USB ports.

Thumbs up for Apple that it still runs the latest Osx.

So i tried the Djay Pro demo on it and it was a surprise to see how good it works on that old machine. I ran 4 decks, synced, looped, and dropped some effects. The Mac handled everything just fine. I can only imagine how great it is on a newer Macbook Pro. Saving up for that now.
My midi controllers (a wego, a beatpad and a MC6000) also work with no trouble at all. So, a well deserved praise.