Djay Pro for ddj sr2

Is the DDJ SR2 supported yet?! If not I need someone to send me their mapping ASAP! Thanks!

Hi Glenn,

the SR 2 is not yet supported.
Thank you for your feedback and we will let you know when there are news.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

I’m looking to get the sr2 as well! Just need djay Pro mapping.

How’d it work?

How’d it work?

What is your email? I have one that was sent to me. It’s A BETA version so please do not post.

Im thinking for both, but I use it on my Mac

Just sent it. Sorry didn’t see the comments till now

Any luck finding mapping from someone?

Is the mapping for Mac or windows?

Did you send the email? I don’t think I ever received it. What is the subject line of the email?

Please I need they mapping also!

Can I have the mapping as well :-/ My email is

Hi.any idea when this happens.
Im reading some feedback from 6 months ago about this SR2 controller…?

Hi…I wonder when it Is going to be available…

What’s the status

yea seriously whats the status

send the mapping tho