Djay Pro for iPad: Can we turn off MIDI control??

Can we turn off the MIDI controller feature so that DJay (Pro) does NOT search or try to connect to MIDI? I play keys in a live band. I use DJay for break music. I do not need or want to control DJay via MIDI, I do use another app to control my keyboard rig via MIDI so I have a midi interface connected to lightning port, and every time I open DJay I get multiple error pop ups (1 per MIDI channel!) saying my MIDI controller is not compatible with DJay. This is hugely annoying, I have to tap “ok” 16 times before I can get in and use DJay. That is not “pro” quality. I posted this idea/ request for DJay three updates/versions ago and still nothing has changed. I would only purchase the “Pro” version if it allows me to get beyond this ridiculous behavior, because otherwise I love the app. I would HAVE to, to deal with that every performance… Please, please, please fix this