Djay Pro for IPad: Pitch useless and soundcard outputs missing

I like the app but for it to be a professional App like stated in the name it has some major issues that make it almost unusable in a professional environment.

The pitch has to major issues:

The pitch Fader is much too short to adjust correctly when trying to mix the app together with Vinyl Records. From images I have seen the Djay 2 App has a longer range, so I don’t know why in the “Pro” app the pitch bend is so short.

Also the accuracy of the pitch is not granular enough. It is almost impossible to find a stable pitch to sync it with Vinyl Records or other sources outside the app.
Note: I have already set the pitch range to the lowest possible 8% but this is not enough to mix properly.

Soundcard output settings:

Why is it not possible to route the different decks to different outputs when the Ipad is connected to a soundcard? The only option to do this is to use the cue function with the second deck to be able to mix it on an external mixer with an external soundcard (in this example allen&heath xone 43c).
There should be a setting to chose the outputs per deck as almost every other Dj App on IOS is already having.

I have read about those problems since the launch of this app but never saw them being noticed. Those are major flaws that make it impossible to integrate the app into a bigger setup.

Please take a moment to implement those easy changes and it would massively improve the app.

Thank you!

You found a way to use djay Pro with vinyl?

Ok I just figured that Djay 2 is a better fit for my purpose so I solved the problem by switching the app.

Still the soundcard output settings are missing, but the pitch fader there is much better than in the “pro” app.

No, for this you can only use “Dj Player” App. But that was not my goal at all. I just wanted to be able to play real vinyl records in combination with the ipad, and I needed a better pitch fader than the djay pro fader to make this possible…