DJay pro for iPad Pro .....Cue points not saveable

I am working with DJay pro on iPad 3 and iPad Pro.
On iPad Pro it is not longer possible, to save Cue Points.
What the fuck ?!
And now ?

Hi Siegfried Streicher,

thank you for your post and we are sorry that you are experiencing this.

First off, it would be helpful to know which operating system your iPad Pro is using.
Next, are the cue points saved in the session where you set them, or are they not saved at all?
Is the iCloud activated at your iPad?

Thank you for answering these questions.

Lukas E.

Hi Marty,

I am sorry to hear that, can you please contact us via

Thank you in advance.


Hi Lukas, my iPad Pro with DJ Pro software was running slower than normal for the past few weeks. I did the IOS 11.4 software update and lost all the songs in the queue (2 years to collect). Cue points are still working but because of the lag it’s been more than painful rebuilding the queue using the history.