Djay PRO for iPad Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

Is there a list of those Keyboard Shortcuts?

Thanks. It works but you have to hold the key down for a while before it appears.

Not sure of your keyboard,…but

They are working on this

Can the keyboard shortcuts be disabled? It makes things go wacky if you are searching a song. I’m on DJay2. If I can put a file (Keyboard.djayMidiMapping) in “Documents” to modify the shortcuts to not be the spacebar or any letters, that would also be fine too. Thanks!

Woof, downloaded Pro again just now. Still not implemented… Delete… Back to Djay 2

Hi Tim,

thank you for your post!
Yes by pressing and holding the “cmd” key the keyboard shortcuts are shown.
I hope this helps to explain things.

Keep it up,
Lukas E.

Hello all, been using DJay Pro on iPad Air 2 and have listed the keyboard shortcuts below, and have designed a simple diagram of my keyboard - see attached. Some awkward ones to memorize, but a fantastic app for my needs, which is more ambient oriented (I present a weekly chilled radio show), and I even want to use the looping and key shifting as a kind of instrument with my own samples. The sample trigger screen is much appreciated, although effects on them would be superb and maybe different ways of triggering (loop? gate?) and keyboard control of decks 3 and 4. Wrong thread for suggestions? Sorry, first time!



APPLE = WIN on this keyboard
OPTION = ALT on this keyboard

Play/Pause SPACE
Load Track on Deck 1 LEFT
Load Track on Deck 2 RIGHT
Select Previous Track UP
Select Next Track DOWN
Load Selected Track RETURN
Switch Back DELETE
Preview Selected Track WIN ~ (Key below ESC)
Crossfade to Left (stepped) ALT LEFT
Crossfade to Right (stepped) ALT RIGHT
Transition to Left WIN + ALT LEFT
Transition to Right WIN + ALT RIGHT
Set Grid (Deck 1) ALT 1
Set Grid (Deck 2) ALT 0
Jump to Start Point (Deck 1) Q
Set Start Point (Deck 1) CTRL Q
Jump to Start Point (Deck 2) P
Set Start Point (Deck 2) CTRL P
Cue 1 (Deck 1) 1
Cue 2 (Deck 1) 2
Cue 3 (Deck 1) 3
Cue 4 (Deck 1) 4
Cue 5 (Deck 1) 5
Cue 1 (Deck 2) 6
Cue 2 (Deck 2) 7
Cue 3 (Deck 2) 8
Cue 4 (Deck 2) 9
Cue 5 (Deck 2) 0
Set Cue Point 1 (Deck 1) CTRL 1
Set Cue Point 2 (Deck 1) CTRL 2
Set Cue Point 3 (Deck 1) CTRL 3
Set Cue Point 4 (Deck 1) CTRL 4
Set Cue Point 5 (Deck 1) CTRL 5
Set Cue Point 1 (Deck 2) CTRL 6
Set Cue Point 2 (Deck 2) CTRL 7
Set Cue Point 3 (Deck 2) CTRL 8
Set Cue Point 4 (Deck 2) CTRL 9
Set Cue Point 5 (Deck 2) CTRL 0
Match Key (Deck 1) WIN 2
Match Key (Deck 2) WIN 9
Double track (Deck 1) WIN SHIFT RIGHT
Double track (Deck 2) WIN SHIFT LEFT
Auto Loop (Deck 1) A
Loop In (Deck 1) S
Loop Out (Deck 1) D
Loop Half (Deck 1) ALT S
Loop Double (Deck 1) ALT D
Auto Loop (Deck 2) L
Loop In (Deck 2) J
Loop Out (Deck 2) K
Loop Half (Deck 2) ALT J
Loop Double (Deck 2) ALT K
Reset All Sliders (Deck 1) ALT SHIFT A
Reset All Sliders (Deck 2) ALT SHIFT L
Reset Cue Points (Deck 1) CTRL ALT Q
Reset Cue Points (Deck 2) CTRL ALT P
Brake Transition FX (Deck 2) WIN 0
Brake Transition FX (Deck 1) WIN 1
Tempo - (Deck 1) CTRL ALT X
Tempo + (Deck 1) CTRL ALT C
Tempo - (Deck 2) CTRL ALT N
Tempo + (Deck 2) CTRL ALT M
Master Level - -
Master Level + =
Monitor Level - ALT -
Monitor Level = ALT =
Escape ESC

Hope this helps!



great post Fred Thanks for the shortcuts