djay pro for ipad - problems since installation subscription version of app

dear support,

yesterday was the first time i used djay pro since the subscription version was released. i really do not like the idea of a subscription and on top of that the new app is a gui nightmare and not usable for me. especially when in free mode. totally unusable. sorry.

so i will stick to the wonderful djay pro for ipad and mac as long as possible – i thought. but now for the first time in years the app went crazy on me. this never ever happened before and is a djays nightmare as you can imagine.

some of the issues:

could not delete cue point (the gray ones) anymore.

the app played another track as shown on the display!!!

the app started with the second track of my playlist in auto playlist mode!!!

syncing beats did not work anymore. just didn’t!!!

my audio internface (traktor audio2) was not recognised anymore.

these are the main issues right now.

can the reason for all this be the installation of the new subscription app on my ipad? do they use the same settings or share any data?

and i really hope this is not a trick from algoriddim to make me switch to the subscription app. i will not! i use the app only once a month and really don’t like the new app gui at all.

thanks for your time and help! best wishes, kai

thanks lukas, my main question was if there could be an interaction between the new app and the old pro version. please refer to that!
i have not changed a thing otherwise and the problems persist. of course i keep ios up to date.
thanks for your help, kai

hi there. could you please help?
i need the app again in about a week from now.
thanks a lot! kai

ok. i understand that you gave up on me and my problems with the now obsolete djay pro for ipad. this is a sad affair and i will not become a subscriber! i will move on to another app and i really would prefer not to… bye then.

thanks for your comment! but i am referring to the now old and it seems forgotten dj pro app which stopped working properly after i installed the new subscription version of djay. that is quite a mess in my opinion!

thanks hans! the thing is that i never ever had problems with djpro until i installed the new subscription version. maybe they share libraries? i have no idea why this happened but i really need this to be solved soon. or is this done intentionally by algoriddim to force us into the subscription model? i really hope not.

hi david,
meanwhile problems got less. no idea why.
but one thing still bothers me: the app still starts with the second track of my playlist when starting auto playlist mode. that worked fine before all the other problems started.
i really appreciate that you keep the non subscribtion version alive!
best wishes, kai 

Sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve had. As Hans correctly stated apps on iOS are sandboxed, and of course we strive to ensure that all of our apps, old and new, provide the highest quality you love and expect from us. That being said, can you please let us know if the problems you mentioned above persist so we can get to the bottom of this, e.g. can you reproduce the sync issue (tracks not syncing), is the audio interface recognized by iOS at all (i.e. is it showing up in system settings).

I look forward to hearing from you.

On iOS that shouldn’t make a difference if you gut the new version installed or not die to sandboxing. Maybe it’s more to do with iOS updates… Since you said you updated iOS regularly, I think that is rather a problem. But I can tell you I updated iOS too and also have the new djay installed on my iPad, but didn’t get those bugs…

Hi iTurtle,

Thank you for your post.

We are sorry to hear about that, sharing things you don’t like about our latest djay app would help us a lot in order to improve it for you and other users.

Also, I am sorry to hear about the issues you had recently with djay Pro, are these reoccurring or do they were temporary?
Did you change anything in your setup (maybe using another iPad or updating to a new iOS version)? 

Where can i check the change log? Im running djay pro version App: djay Pro iPad (1.0.25)
iOS Version: 10.3.3
Device: iPad6,8
I want to know if i can update to latest ios and stillade the fantastic software i bought?
Im not interested in a subscirption that i have to buy to use the latest version of Djay.

Do not be, have a little patience they solve the problems but needed time to write the right one (code).
I have pay already soooo i reporting and waiting.

Hi! You can check the Algoriddim Djay apps’ changelogs and check the compatible app version for your iPad 2. But I really doubt the performance would be favorable, as the iPad 2 is far from the latest iPad’s performance and djay is a CPU-hungry app. (I can’t even run djay 2 fast on my iPad 3.)