Djay Pro for Mac audio problems

So I purchased a Mixon 4 a couple of months ago with every intention of using it with Djay Pro, first day I downloaded Serato to check it out and I’ve been hooked since. Coming from using an iPad Pro, Djay Pro and a Numark iDJ Pro I was blown away with how much I liked it. Well I decided this past week to purchase the Djay pro software and give it a chance, this decision was mainly due to the collapse of Pulselocker, trying to avoid having to respond to requests with “I don’t have it” which I can do with the Spotify integration.

Started my Friday night gig with Djay Pro, within 15 minutes switched back to Serato, the audio sounded awful, my headphone output on my controller had to be turned all the way up and was distorted. My channel gains were all over the place and very delayed as were the LEDs. I just couldn’t get a good sound no matter how I adjusted the EQ’s. Once I changed back over to Serato all was good…

Saturday night gig I figured I’ll give it another shot, same results. I spent more time trying to adjust the EQ’s, my gains again were all over the place, made adjustments with the knobs with delayed results causing serious clipping. Something just doesn’t seem right. In Serato there are EQ boost settings and gain settings, can’t seem to find any of these in Djay pro. I want to like this software especially since this is where I came from, using Djay 2 then Djay Pro with my first controller and now onto the Mixon 4…Am I missing something?? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

My current setup is a Reloop Mixon 4, 2017 MacBook Pro 15 inch running an i7 2.9Ghz, MacOS High Sierra, 16 GB ram and dual graphics cards, djay Pro Version 1.4.5, QSC K12’s with Ksubs connected directly to my Mixon 4 via XLR’s. All my tracks are 320 kb/s downloaded from record pools, I also have the Spotify quality settings @ high.


So, you go to a gig and use software without testing it at home first?


Hey there,

sorry to hear about that.

It sounds like some settings (hardware or software related) were not setup properly.
Can you check your general gain levels (hardware or softwareI with djay Pro in order to find the problem?

Djmagicmoments relax Gramps, was looking for suggestions not a wise ass remark, i had my second laptop running serato so the switch was seamless, its 2017…you can do that now.

Tony, using a Mixon 4 as well? I am still unsatisfied BUT I did realize by default the software didnt set the audio output to the controller, how it worked at all i still dont know but noticed a slight improvment after i changed it. Also uncheck the MIC box, im thinking the software was using the MACs onboard mic creating some weird feedback. Everything has somewhat stablelized, my gains are way hotter than with serato yet my headphone output has to be turned almost all the way up to hear anything, thats wifh 2 k12s behind me using coming from the booth output…i’m sticking with Serato for now. Played a venue with 1500+ last nite and the overall audio quality I get out of Serato blows idjay Pro out of the water, thats using the same exact tracks. I dont understand why the settings are so limited VS Serato. The effects overall quality arent the best, the interface is simple. This software is great for guys like DJ magicmoments up there who doesn"t scratch or beatmatch and simply fades the oldies in or uses that bs “sync” button at the local chinese joint but for club DJs who really mix, scratch and play to a crowd expecting the best its just not there yet.

Lukas- my channel gains are right below 12 oclock yet clipping, master is at the same. Never a problem in Serato. For S &Gs i tried with my iPad Pro, same deal.

I actually have the same exact Issue. Levels, sound and gains are all over the place and I spend a lot of time fighting the controller to make sure levels, eq’s and such all sound similar. This does NOT happen in Serato. The best way I can describe it is a sound stability issue. The cue levels are super low. I have to turn the main output all the way up and the clip indicators are maxed and the sound coming out of the channel isn’t loud… It’s really crazy… I have gone through the settings and there might be something. But I have no idea what it is.

This is the identical issue I am having! I am using a brand new iPad 6th Generation. Audio worked perfect, for about half of a track, then got so garbled, I had to switch back to Serato. This was such a cool concept and why I purchased the Mixon4, for its flexibility. Where do you find the “uncheck Mic Box” in Deejay? I am hoping that this will fix the issue. Are there any updates to solving this issue?