Djay Pro for Mac is only able to stream airplay to one device at a time - not multiple devices.

Djay Pro is can only stream audio over airplay to a single Airport Express. I have multiple AEs (2 total) selected in the Devices drop down, but audio only streams to one AE at a time. If I select each airport express individually, audio plays through the selected airport express. I am able to stream to both AEs through iTunes. Any suggestions? Thanks!

checking again on this topic. Any update?

Help me out here… I couldn’t even find where I can send audio to one Airplay device… how do you do it ???

I finally found it !!

It took me a little while to realize that I first needed to use the mac Airplay connection and first connect the video the see the Airplay audio icon appear in Djay as per your picture !!! Maybe I’m not alone and you should specify it somewhere in the Help file!!!

Thanks !

I just played with it a little more, and it is still half of the solution… You can have the audio to your appleTV or other “video devices” when you first connect your video.

But what if you want to connect to an “audio only” airplay device like some pioneer amps or a Bose Soundtouch (that’s what I have !!) .

In iTunes, you have the option to connect to “audio only devices”… it would be a great addition to Djay… or maybe it’s there and I couldn’t figure out how !!!


I would lobe to see DJay Pro Mac be able to stream Airplay to two or more sources. Right now, I want to be able to send the video to one Apple TV and the audio to an Airport Express. Trying to do this I currently have all of my settings messed up the audio stopped and I’m left with a “devices” in the Airplay popup menu… apparently it is not working yet.

Thank you for keeping this post updated!
Be assured, we’re on it!

Following up with additional information.

I have tried Djay Pro on 2 computers - MBP and iMac - both with the same result. Audio is heard from only 1 airport express device at a time using airplay. Both macs are running 10.10.2, and both are able to stream to multiple devices using iTunes.

I removed the Apple TV from the network so only 2 devices are available, but the result is the same.

I have previously used Djay for mac (previous version), and was able to stream to multiple airplay devices without issue. But now original Djay for mac is experiencing he same issue.

I have an event tonight where I would like to use Djay Pro. Any suggestions I could try? I’ve tried looking at Audio Midi setup trying to configure aggregate or multi-output devices, but none is able to stream to multiple airplay devices.

From algoriddim support:

Thank you for your email!
Since Mavericks it’s not possible to use multiple airplay devices with djay pro. This is a known issue and our developers are already working on it.
We kindly ask for patience.

This has been available since Djay 4.2…

  • Added ability to send mix to multiple AirPlay devices

The current Djay UI clearly indicates support for multiple airplay devices - see the screenshot in the first post.

Apparently, OSX 10.9 broke this functionality, but Algoriddim is aware of the issue and is actively working on a solution. That said, OSX has been 10.10 for a while and this is still an issue. Hopefully there is a solution.

Hmmm… Version 1.1 is out. Now djay Pro Airplay output limits you to a single Airplay device. There is no option to select multiple devices. The dropdown is accurate, but the functionality that use to be available is gone. Maybe this is a fringe request because of latency when using Airplay devices, but my primary use case is automix to multiple airplay devices. Loosing this functionality really diminishes automix - my intended use for this app. iTunes supports multiple airplay/airtunes devices. Why can’t djay Pro?

Curious if this option has ever been offered? Looking over other threads i don’t see where you offered a solution to use multiple devices via airplay. This would be huge if you were able to do this, I am looking to use multiple Bose Soundtouch 30 speakers in my local pub and use the play everywhere feature but also be able to use each speak independently when needed. We do trivia and other events and rather than each person lug in different equipment I want to use this these speakers with DJAY. Space is limited too.

it’s been over 6 months…any solution yet?

Over 6 months…any fix yet?

any resolution?

Hi Frederick Tremblay,

after being connected to Apple TV you can assign the sound output to AirPlay via the in the screenshot shown icon:

I believe this is a bug. Please fix it!

still no multiple function for airplay yet? looking for some solutions here…

any update on the multiple function for airplay yet for djay pro

Any idea if multiple Airplay devices will be enabled at any time in the future?
Let’s pretend that some customers actually want this function as suggested by the many, many requests over the past 4 years!
It surely can’t be beyond the capabilities of the app developers or is it something that Apple are preventing?
Still no mention of airplay in the help file either!
Come on guys, you really need to try much harder to keep your customers happy or they’ll just find other products that actually do what they want and need.