Djay pro for older devices

Will Djay pro make it to older iPad devices?

It seems Djay 2 has lots of floors and doesn’t work well anymore.

Djay pro could be the answer, however it will only work with later models of iPad which has annoyed me once again. The reason being i will have to go out and buy another piece of equipment just to use Djay pro.

Keep in mind the newer SW has higer demands and the processors of current iPads (which they are developing for) blow the old ones away. Safe to say they won’t be utilizing precious man hours to get modern SW to work on obsolete HW. I know how it sounds but if we are being honest it makes sense

Djay Pro offers MUCH more than basic mixing. Asking to offer a stripped version is a bit of a reach and expecting older iOS devices to be able to handle Djay Pro (which includes video) is just crazy.

Not really much to agree with or disagree with… I never really mentioned an opinion.

I dont agree with this, the basic mixing of songs is possible on older ipads, so i expect them to be able to include older ipads

Well lets put it clear. Dj Pro is exactly the same as djay 2 apart from all the bells and whistles.

The point of this app is to mix music.

The base of all of the apps is to mix music.

It seems people with older hardware are getting shafted into buying newer hardware just to use this “new version” of the app.

Yes the new ipads will blow the old ones out the water, this is not the debate. The older ipads are more than capable of dealing with this one simple app djay pro as they deal with djay 2 in the same way. They just choose to opt for the best ipads because they can’t be arsed with older ones. That’s the fact!

The fact algoriddim are forcing me to go out and buy a new ipad just to use djay pro is a pisstake. I already opted into android in the beginning and that just was not good enough to use, so i opted to buy an ipad just for the sake of using djay 2. Yes it worked but it was not great. I am still locked into android system so it was a nightmare for me. So now i have my ipad i am forced to buy a new one as djay pro is not compatible, and djay 2 will get no future updates. This is not right!