Djay Pro for Win10: 3 major MIDI mapping issues

Okay, I’ve been experimenting with Djay Pro for Windows 10 for about a week now. I’m not using a natively supported controller, I’m using Traktor S2 and Traktor F1. I’ve got most of the keys mapped and variables that are responsive but there are 3 major midi mappings that I just can’t seem to figure out. The biggest one, is the monitor headphones through the Traktor S2. I’ve tried everything that I can think of; changing the mixer to internal with ‘split output’ option checked. When you do this you see the headphones icon appear in your window. I was able to map the cue button to ‘mixer’ + ‘mute/unmute cue’ in pre-cuing section of options. You can then test it, and see the pre-cuing buttons working; however, Djay Pro doesn’t have a monitor & master outputs here. There is no way to make this work correctly. Not being able to listen to next song selection in cue is big time issue for me. The second major issue is a Sync button bug. There is multiple and random weird things when you try to map the sync button in midi settings. For example, if I hit deck 2 sync, it should sync to deck 1. Nope! Not only will it not sync, it will go to some random BPM (never the same value). The third midi mapping issue is the ability to map FX effects to available buttons on Traktor S2 or F1. The FX effect packs are not in the midi settings; therefor, you can not map any of those effects to S2 or F1. That really sucks. I guess you could just use the trackpad, mouse, or touchscreen (if you have that) to do these effects but it’s just not realistic in a gig to be using a mouse or trackpad like this. Slip-mode (Flux in Traktor world) also doesn’t work correctly. It’s like Djay Pro is always running in slip mode, or at least with this attempt of using Traktor S2. And of course, the inability to make a loop a cue point. That’s how I do all my music in Traktor to be honest with you. I open up the next song in a loop in the beginning of the song and I sometimes have a loop at the end of a song that is ‘active’ so it starts automatically. So let’s sum up: Missing midi mapping + bugs. Sync issues. No pre-cueing through headphones. No loops as cue points. FX effects limited. On a positive note though; the Spotify integration is awesome! I guess I could drop another few hundred on a natively supported controller but that’s also another issue, because only the Denon MC4000 or the Reloop Mixon 4 are decent. Either they don’t have enough decks or they don’t have inputs. DVS support would be nice too. Let me know if you have any questions or like to voice the same issues. -Brandon

same headphone cue issue mate ( I posted but no reply) where is the support on this forum??

They are so close to having a great program here. We gotta have headphone cue and loop cues fixed. it’s a must.