Djay Pro for Windows 10 unresponsive then crash

Good morning! After being impressed with Djay 2 for iPad, I decided to purchase Djay Pro for Windows 10. I am having some trouble getting the program to run for the first time.

When I try to run the program, the splash screen appears followed by the main program interface… but I am unable to click on anything. None of the buttons or menu options work. About 30-60 seconds after the main program interface appears, the program crashes to desktop without providing any error messages or warnings.

I have attempted resetting the program via Windows 10, uninstall and reinstall, and restarting my computer. I cannot seem to resolve the problem on my own.

Please assist! Thank you!!

My version of Djay Pro was purchased on the Microsoft Store on 26 June 2018.

Djay Pro version 1.0.27427.0
Windows 10 Home version 1709 with OS Build 16299.371
Dell Inspiron 7559 Signature Edition

Hi there,

I am very sorry to hear that.

Can you send us your crash log out of the Event viewer:

Hello, and thank you for responding. Here is a screen capture of my crash log for my attempts to run Djay Pro for Windows 10.

Here is the message typed out, in case the imagery fails:

“Package 59BEBC1A.djayPro_1.0.27427.0_x86__e3tqh12mt5rj6+App was terminated because it took too long to respond.”

I was unable to locate any additional details. The Details tab in the Event Properties simply showed the same message with no additional details.

Thank you for your assistance thus far. I am looking forward to using the program.