Djay pro for windows controlled by cdj 2000 nexus, is it ready yet?

Hi there

i was wondering if you guys managed to let the pioneer cdj2000 nexus control the DJAY PRO for windows yet.?

Last update of djay Pro was in july 2018, so honestly, except if they start to understand the importance to have an equal version between mac and PC, you can in the meanwhile ignore the pc version…

This is some BS. The MAC version had support over 3 years ago for the CDJ-2000NXS

I have never seen such a disparity between two different versions of an application, when this is an update that does not require changes in programming. It is just a matter of taking the time to create a mapping file. I I spent some time creating a mapping file for the DDJ-SR2 when it was first released. It is not that hard, just takes time. If you really understand the mapping and how to manually edit the XML file It probably takes much less time than it took me without any experience and a very basic instruction that are provided online.