djay PRO for Windows crash on splash screen

Just wanted to give a heads up regarding an issue I recently had with djay PRO for Windows hoping it might help anyone else facing the same problem.

I’m new to djay PRO and after buying it through the Windows Store the software just wouldn’t launch. It’d remain for a couple of seconds in the splash screen and then immediately crash.

After searching the web for answers I found out it had to do with the fact that I was running a “N” version of Windows 10 on my laptop. The “N” versions of Windows don’t include media features like codecs or Windows Media Player but if you want those you can simply download them directly from Microsoft and install (just google “media feature pack” and you should be golden).

After installing the media feature pack, djay PRO launched normally and it’s working fine!

So there you go, thought I share this in case anyone else is going through the same and looking for a solution.

Best wishes!