Djay Pro for Windows getting 1 year old next month. Time to implement some new features!

and Fix

*Ugly effects
*Mapping controls from browser to section
*Fix finally all the controllers which are not supported on the Windows version
*add the disabling keyboard option
*add the video like it is on the Mac version

There is tons of work to do on the Windows version, they should never have sold it before to have something close to the Mac version…

Djay pro for window s 10 needs a lot of work has poor track loading and music analyzing is very slow.
2. It also has motion control problem clitchin while track is playing
3.poor album art loading seems to struggle itunes music does not play on dj pro with purches they all are DRM protected so I suggest using another platform than itunes that works
5.also has a fader problem moves on its one while you mix ed 1 out from 2 and viseversa, while in with controller
Please and it also recording issues while using your downloaded music it flashes in and out causing dj pro to crash in the record start up
6.freezes using sporify,and music folder, plus crashes a lot
I humblely ask please rebuild dj pro for windows10 its a great product and tool I recommend it… I use it a lot in my djing, so lets see a anniversary fully loaded upgrade…

Today is the day. one year later, still looks the same. I’m pretty disappointed

since 5 months, I think every new week: "they have been exclusively caring for djay pro on mac for so long, this week will surely something happen with the pc version… but nothing happened.
month by month by month