DJay Pro for Windows still not able to headphone pre cue?

I’ve been scouring this forum and it looks like a lot of people are having the same issue. I’m wanting to listen to one deck in my headphones while the other deck plays through speakers.
I’m using a Pioneer DDJ-SB2 which has a built in sound card and I’ve followed all the solutions given in the other threads here and it won’t work.

Hi m bento,

I am very sorry to hear that but this is not the norm, we are natively supporting the SB 2 with djay Pro for Windows.

Can you check your audio device settings and headphone settings on the controller?

Is there a Master output signal being sent out?

Did you install the DDJ SB 2 Pioneer driver? If yes please deinstall the driver as you wont need a driver while using djay Pro for Windows.

Cheers,Lukas E.

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Please reference the new conversation here: Pre Cueing issue with SR 2

Hi Terry,

As stated on our Hardware site, the SR 2 Pre-cueing output via the controller is not supported, but headphones can be used via the PC’s built-in audio output.


Lukas E.


I’ve tried every suggested solution on these forums so far. Seems a lot of people are having this issue?…

Tried your recommendations, no matter what I do when I press my cue button it sends to headphones but also keeps playing through speakers. Main output is DDJ-sb2 channels 1-2 Pre cue device is DDJ-sb2 channels 3-4

I saw a similar issue with a recent windows 10 update running pro on a very old vestax spin. Re-updated Windows 10, uninstalled djay pro, re installed from the Microsoft store. Works now.

Unit will also freeze on exclusive mode, so not using that.

pre cueing doesnt work on windows 10 with a ddj sr2 either

not only did i install the driver, i then formatted the pc, updated the pc, installed the djay and then driver. computer completely as new with only djay and driver installed. you must now by now that there is a problem through the sheer number of threads just like this one.

just to conclude this without making a song and dance about it, support admitted last night that the precueing does not work any longer with the pioneer ddj sr2 and djpro for windows 10.

the main algorythm website has been changed to reflect my findings and persistance.

im now persueing a refund via microsoft store and have returned the ddj sr2.

for anyone reading this looking to get into djpro my advice is to do it via ios or a mac operating system favoringg the mac personally.

how ever as i am not a mac or ios person my journey ends here with djpro.