Djay pro Gemini g4v MIDI Mapping

I am a dedicated algorridim Djay user and not planning to switch to Virtual DJ. I was looking to upgrade from a Pioneer DDJ WEGO2 to a Gemini g4v and I was wondering if I can map the g4v’s conntrols on Djay pro. I am aware that g4v does not have native Djay support. Can I map the controls using the controller feature?

HI NAME IS Rekel… just got the Gemini g4v… just wondering if software Djay Pro would work with it

Hi Michael,

Thanks for contacting us. We haven’t tested that particular controller yet, but you can technically map any MIDI controller with djay Pro.

Hi guys , does anyone know how to get the lights working please

i want a mapping file 4 numark mixtrack quad

Hi…please can you send me the mapping file…I have lot of difficulties ti do it…thanks …my email is

I prove to configure gemini g2v …but fir example, the botton ligths remain off…please help me…

hi please… can you send me the maping file??
thank you man

Hey John did you actually finish that mapping ? If yes would be awesome if you could send it to my Mail :

Hi everybody

Does anybody have a working midi mapper for the g4v pls send to


found one for the g2v going to change this one for the g4v