Djay Pro Graphic and Spotify Issues on Catalina

I just updated my MacBookPro to Catalina, sadly this update brought with it a lot of breaking of apps, including Djay Pro.
I can’t log into spotify anymore, I get an error, (the normal spotify app works fine).
And the lower half with the songs is stretched out of the screen so I can’t access the search bar anymore.

Anybody know how to fix this?

Thanks Lukas, I have already contacted support and they helped me resolve my issue to my total satisfaction.

Frank, that is indeed correct, I’d suggest you to contact support as well if you face the same issues.


Thank you for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear that.

Could you please contact us right away via and attach a link to this thread?

Thank you in advance.

I thought that I was alone - that being said, most of this has resolved with the recent updates, but now the software often crashes upon opening…

The fix - go back to High Sierra