DJay Pro has 8 cue points? Keyboard shortcuts for 5 to 8?


I purchased DJay Pro a few months back and was very happy when I read that the new update allows 8 cue points.

I finally found how to put more than 4 cue points on each song with the slider under the pitch control. I now see more cue points (yellow, orange, turquoise, pink etc).

I’m used to set/use my cue points with the keyboard, not with the mouse.

So what are the shortcuts for the extra cue points? I already use Q W E R T for deck A and P U I O Y for deck B.

Also, would those extra cue points be accessible on my DDJ Wego 3 controller? How so?

Can you please help?



Hey Warren, could you help please?

Thanks Adrian. You should try to find a way to add extra shortcuts maybe by having to press 3 keys instead of two?

As you may have seen at the Keyboard Shortcuts overview (Shift + K), only the Start/End Cue Points and the Cue Points 1 - 3 can be triggered by Keyboard Shortcuts. As the amount of Keyboard Shortcuts is limited, there’s no way of having further Shortcuts for the other Cue Points.

The Pioneer Wego 3 controller still works the same: It triggers 4 Cue Points (only).

I know that it would get “crowded” is the developers tried to decide how to map every commend. However. I see this as a very personal thing. I am not needing them to pre map everything. However, I think it would be great if the ability to map anything was available to the user. Some key commands I just may not want on the keyboard. Someone else might want different functions. Similar to allowing midi programming. They may also not like the default config. For example it was odd to me to have the left hand be start, cue 1, cue 2 cue3, Stop … then the right hand be stop 1,2,3, start. notice Cues 1,2,3, not mirrored but start and stop are. It would be nice to allow users to customize. They could even map all eight cues or any other command they wanted.

yes me too.

Hi Ryan H,

we mapped the keyboard shortcuts because we wanted to provide a full spectrum of our functions accessible with the keyboard. As the handy combination of keys is limited, not all features can be mapped in full.

Hope you understand.

Lukas E.

Thank you guys for sharing your thoughts. 

I forwarded your feedback as a request of a midi learn feature for the keyboard. 


Lukas E.

why not have buttons 2,3,4,5,W,E,R,T mapped to the 8 cue points on deck A and 6,7,8,9,Y,U,I,O mapped to 8 cue points on deck B?

I agree! the best solution would be manual mapping. Let the user be bale to override the shortcuts or assign a shortcut to any command.