djay pro has found a new audio device "Speakers (MC6000MK2)" and freezes

Hey guys, just bought djay pro but having an issue…
I have a Denon MC6000MK2 and if I start djpro with it unplugged from my windows 10 box, it starts up and works no problem. If I plug in the device, I get the following message djay pro has found a new audio device “Speakers (MC6000MK2)” but I cannot click on Yes or No, the app is just frozen. I can click on the x in the top right hand corner to close the app, I can minimize the app, but can’t click on yes.

If I start djpro with the MC6000MK2 plugged in, it also freezes, sometimes on the startup screen.

It did the same thing with the demo copy, but I did have it working for a bit.
I have downloaded the drivers from denon and upgraded the fw on the MC6000MK2.

Any ideas?