djay PRO! hot news!!

Finally algoriddim, finally - "plug & play with high-end latest tech controllers like Denon’s 7000 & 8000 as well as Pioneers XDJ-RX2, finally. thank you so much since I love djay PRO! now, we can start to talk in the mobile and DJ world!

thinking about buying Pioneers XDJ-RX2, but want to be able to play spotify through Djay pro from Ipad… is that possible also now?


I don’t have these controllers but it was time to update the controller list to remain in the game.

These one should be the next one since i still see them frequently on parties :Numark NS6 II, DDJ SR2, Numark NV and NV II.

By the way, why is there still always so many controllers which are not supported on the WIndows platform according to the internet site ?

Please add the Pioneer DDJ SR2 to the list. Many of us recently upgraded from the SR and still want to use DJay Pro.

I just got the Pioneer DDJ SB2 and started playing today with djay pro using spotify. Hey kudos for being the first to allow us to dj using spotify but the setup feels really cheap. Somewhere the 2 pieces of gear aren’t talking well with each other. It would not be possible to play out live to a club/event with this gear. The trim “knobs” in the program jump up and down as they please, causing the volume to drop which, for the dancefloor would be bad, also the crossfader is touchy af, and glitches out/switches between channels even if the actual controller knob is in the middle. Disappointed but eh the app’s $70 and the controller is $350 ( im in australia) so you kinda got to expect cheaper performance.

Does this mean the displays work with the 8000?