[Djay Pro] How to lower headphone pre-cueing volume?

I am evaluating DJAY for a few days and UI is absolutely horrible. There is no explanation for any of the buttons below the deck. No documentation about the UI, on the website or online? Heck, open source Mixxx has way better documentation. I am so disappointed.

I also wanted to lower the headphone volume. But I can’t figure out where it is located. Searches in the forum talks about an icon in the lower right hand corner and a gear icon. But I can’t locate it anywherein Djay Pro.

Seriously, algoriddim guys, you need to get your act together and give precise and correct documentation.

Disclaimer: I am not a DJ in the traditional sense. I just want to play music one track after another (with previewing) and have no requirement of mixing tracks. I am also not familiar with some of the terms in DJing world. But it would be helpful to know what the damn buttons below the deck do!

You have to be kidding me. I am playing a gig right now and realize this issue. You haven’t pushed an update to fix this in 5 days? Unacceptable.

Thank you for finally updating and fixing that nasty bug. I have one question though because something is different now. Using split-output, the cued track can be heard when the headphone button is highlighted. But when I switch decks, it doesn’t switch the precued track headphone button. I’m pretty sure it used to do this automatically. Thats the point of precue, to hear the loaded track. Now I have to hit both the playing track to silence it and the loaded track to listen? This is too many taps just to preview it!

Perhaps you are running your main output lower through your computer into you chosen sound system. Try using full gain output through the software and attenuate the extra signal at the P.A…

There are many issues that seem to be the fault of software, that can be remedied with attention to GAIN STRUCTURE.


Great topic i totally understand but if ur not a DJ, and all u want to do is play music, then use Pandora IJS

I understand. Yes I agree, there are several things the developer could, and should do to improve the functionality of this software. But at that price, you have to admit, it works pretty good. It’s not like they are gonna solve all our needs and wants for $70. There are other developers out there for software that will most likely do wait you need, but at what cost. But for me, they ALL lack something that each one of us may need.

Ok, if ur using DJay for Mac, it’s. Located in the bottom right hand section of the screen

Hi guys,
We are already aware of the problem, that the in-library Preview doesn’t respond to the Headphone-icon settings. We’ll fix this asap!

Yes, of course, you will receive the fixed update for free.


The fixed update is NOW available! Please update to djay Pro 1.1.2.

Hi there,

there is a headphone icon at the left side of the top bar where you can adjust the pre cue volume (see attached screenshot).

Funny thing: for me it was too low when i started. If you are using some kind of controller or mixer you will use this for pre cueing also and you can adjust the volume there as well.

If you are not a “club dj” you probably won’t use a lot of effects/filters and other features. Did you try to click the library icon at the lower right corner and use djay pro like this? This way a lot of buttons just disappear.

cheers, rokr

Ok i get your point. I think currently it is not possible to adjust the volume for that special case. What kind of sound device are you using for playing music while you are pre cueing? I’m asking because i’m using a cheap controller (pioneer ddj wego3) which also has a headphone volume which is used for any kind of pre cueing (the controller takes care of it - not the software).

BTW: Adjusting settings after starting djay pro might be annoying but if that works for you… it might me a workaround. There are other settings you have to set after each launch. And there are threads for it to save settings between launches of the software.

I came through some threads and comments when i was looking for some help some weeks ago. They mentioned the lack of saving settings between launches. Just one example which probably belongs to your issue: http://community.algoriddim.com/algor…

Just do a search for “save” to see different questions around this topic.

cheers, rokr

This does not answer my question. I *am* a DJ. Not a traditional club style DJ. I DJ for tango dance parties where no mixing or beatmatching is required.

All I need are:

  • Good library management (Djay integrates with iTunes, I am good with that)
  • Previewing capability (Djay does it well with one click previewing)
  • A list that does not knock off songs from the play list as it plays. (Djay does that)
  • Easy insertion of delays between tracks (Djay does that too).

And believe me, to figure a couple of things, I spent so much time that could have been avoided with documentation.

But one thing I can’t figure out is how to lower the pre-cueing volume. The UI is atrocious. I have to use trial and error to figure things out. Not what I would expect from a company that charges 70$ for a product which is marketed as ‘Pro’.

I agree what you are saying.

But my question is still unanswered -
“How do I lower the pre-cueing volume from within Djay”
If you know the answer, would you mind sharing it?

The only workaround I found was to use the system speaker icon on the top tool bar.

I don’t see it. All I see are 3 icons. Attached image. What am I missing?
I am using Djay Pro for mac.

Baker C:
Your comment about the lower right hand corner stands true for an older version of Djay.

I have searched a lot for the volume control control on Djay Pro for mac but can’t find it. Hence, my comment about the sucky UI still stands.

I have emailed their support, let’s see what they have to reply.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for your answer. The solution you gave works when cue-ing. The headphone slider lets me choose between the main output and the cue-ing volume.

Sorry, my bad. I was not clear with my question.

What I really looking for is to control the volume when previewing tracks, you know, by clicking the 3 dots control by the side of the track list?

Attaching screenshot for better understanding. The white arrow is where I am clicking to pre-view the track while my main deck 1 is still playing its track through the main output.

My problem is that whenever I click this button, the sound through my headphones is too loud and there is no way to control it other than this long workaround:

  • Open up Mac preferences, Go to Audio.
  • Select external sound device
  • And then control the sound form the system tool bar at the top of the screen (the same place where Wi-Fi and battery level etc. are shown).

This needs to be done every time I launch Djay. And each time I start Automix the level simply resets to 0. This is extremely annoying.

Funny thing is, if I drag the track I want to preview to its own deck, the volume level is okay. Only when I try to use inline preview (single click preview by clicking the (…) three dots button, I find the volume way to high.

I think this is a bug and needs to be fixed.


I am not using any controller. As I said, for tango DJing, I don’t need any controller. That said, I will look into this pioneer controller that you mentioned.

It will be great if you can point me to one of these threads that save settings between launches.