DJay Pro iOS DVS - Native Instruments Audio 10

Just posting to let everyone know, DVS works with the Native Instruments Audio 10 audio interface. :slight_smile: had a blast for a few hours tonight with it!

Hi @Myalteredsoul,

We are glad to hear that you were able to use that interface with djay!

Would you mind sharing your complete configuration with us so that our community can utilize it as a resource in the future?

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Hi! Are you using the Traktor Audio 10 mk1 or the mk2 version?

This is a MK1. I can test my MK2 later this week.

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Great👍. Can you also test both the mk1 and mk2, with Audio buffer size = 64 frames, how it sounds and try some scratching if there’s any latency. Thank you

I have tested both the MK1 and MK2 at 64 samples. Running two turntables in DVS worked without issue. Event with heavy juggles and scratches, there were not dropouts, drift, or audio stutters. Running 4 turntables in DVS worked fine at 64 samples, but there were a couple stutters 30 minutes or so in when engaging keylock on all 4. Disengaging keylock alleviated the issue.

Currently running Algoriddim on an iPad 9th Gen.

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Nice does it work the the audio 6 version?

I do not have the Audio 6, 8, or 4 to test. If I come across one on discount, I’ll pick it up and test it tho.