DJay Pro iOS File Management

I’m trying to get my head around a best workflow for managing my mp3 tracks in the music library. There are so many options and I’m wondering if there is a better solution for non streaming mp3s than what I am doing. I’ve only had the app a few days…

Currently I am using mp3s from my computer and I’m back using good old iTunes to create playlists and sync to my iPad - not my favourite hobby… and it’s you know a bit too apple for me plus I can’t format it right so my playlists land at the top how it want them sorted.

So now I’ve added to this the built in media manager which is cleaner to use but I have to copy the files in every time I sync. I have smart playlists that sort by grouping so that’s not too bad. Deleting files could be a pain to keep synced…

I think there could be a better way to sort and tag the files on my ipad via dropbox and the files app and just load them once into Djay music library. At least I’d be bypassing iTunes syncing…

Is there an app that can bulk edit rename and tag MP3 files?

Hi there,

I’m sure other people with have their own ideas as to what software is best for this, but I personally use MusicBee, does the job well enough for my needs.
Has all of the things you want plus a shedload more!!

Thanks I’ve started using MB and it looks great!
My library is located in Dropbox and I am loading them via the Files tab adding files. Is this how you get them in too?

I keep them on an external drive and sync them over using 3utools.
I’ve just answered your other query regarding DB and folders and that is why I don’t use DB.
Too much faffing trying to get it all in to Djay.

Thanks man MB + 3utools working nicely great combo

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I too have a Question. I have 2TB of music files on an external hard drive. I have been using Virtualdj for a long time. Virtualdj recognizes the hard drive and all the folders and I merely scan the files/folders and I am able to search the entire db in minutes… Does DJay Pro have a similar way to add file/folders to music folder for searching purposes without manually adding each and every file/folder individually. I really love this app but for me to work efficiently I must be able to search my hard drive without entering every folder manually in advance of a gig. I have entered a little over 3500 files but it took me a long time and it was tedious. I fear I am missing the obvious and this Q has been answered before in the forum , also I’m new to apple products and this forum. I’m using a iPod Gen 7 which is great, getting tired of Windows products and all it’s problems and would love to make a switch. Thanks for your consideration. Any help would be appreciated.

In my opinion iTunes will be the easiest.
I’ve been using iTunes since Djay 1.
Yes, create smart playlists there, then drag playlist to device and sync device.
The best easiest.
I use a Mac… App there is “TAG EDITOR” you edit multiple songs there.

Hi, i’m using itunes on mac too for store my music… i got over 150Gb of music and i want to carry my library on my ipad (air 4) but its only 64Gb… there is a way to use the itunes library on the ipad on an external usb stick plus keeping the same organization?