Djay Pro iPad and numark mixtrack pro II.

Ipad djay pro - does it support all of the mixing desks that the Mac version supports? If not, why not? and also, can I take my midi map for the Numark mix track pro II from my djay2 (iPad) app to the djay pro (iPad) app?

No, just the djay2 controllers i think.
The ipads dont support most of the large controllers.

My denon mc6000 works on macbook and pro. Not on ipad and pro.

Anybody there to answer this question from Algoriddim?

I am asking before I buy while it is at a discounted price.



It’s just that I have a midi map on my iPad for Djay2 of the Mixtrack Pro II that works great and would like to use the same deck on the Djay Pro for iPad.

Hi there,

thank you all for your posts.
At this point for djay pro for the iPad, we support all controllers which are marked with the “iPad” icon to there right.
We don’t have a midi mapping mode for djay pro for the iPad this mode is only available with djay pro for the MacBook, sorry for the inconvenience.

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Lukas E.