Djay pro iPad can’t manage settings on iPad 9.7

I pull open the menu to change the master level.   The menu seems too long for the screen.   I try scrolling up but it bounces right back to the center.  I can’t close the settings menu either. I have to close the app then go back into it to use it.   Please help.   Tried turning the iPad both vertically and horizontally…no luck.

Try turning the iPad to portrait mode?
A lot of shitty websites always have this issue

Hi, Paul, We are sorry to hear that. Could you share the exact iPad you are using, iOS version, and djay version?

yes ipadOS 13.4.1, iPad 9.7 released in 2016, djay pro version 3.1.2…please help…I’d love to use the app properly.

Any updates?

Doesn’t fix the problem

With the latest update the problem is fixed…thank you algoriddim