DJay Pro + iPad + DDJ400 not connecting. Please help.

Hey all!

My bad if this question has already been posted. If so, I’d really appreciate if you point me to the answer, as I couldn’t find it.

I have an iPad (13.5.1), which I’ve connected to my DDJ400 using a lightening adapter (plugging the DDJ to the iPad and the iPad to a power source, charged at 100% / factory cables).

I have Djay Pro AI installed on my iPad. I started with DJay and upgraded to Pro when prompted.

I’m not sure if it was the upgrade to DJ Pro or not, but now when I connect my DDJ400 to the iPad, the controller powers on for several seconds, then powers down leaving only the blue “Release FX” light and red “hot cue” lights glowing.

Djay does not seem to recognize that there is a midi controller connected, and after downloading the MIDI Scope midi detection software onto my iPad, it appears the iPad itself does not notice the midi controller.

However, DJay Pro and the iPad are fine, as Djay recognizes my media libraries.

So, am I missing something here? Why is the DDJ400 powering on for a second then sleeping; why is DJay not recognizing the controller, and why does it appear the iPad is also not recognizing the midi input?

Any and all help welcome. Thanks a lot!


Thank you for getting in touch.

We are sorry to hear that you are facing problems with your setup, note that the DDJ 400 is natively supported with djay Pro AI.

As the iPad itself is not recognising any input, I assume the connection is the issue here.

Could you share the adapter, exact iPad model, and cable you are using to connect the device?

Hi Lucas,
Thanks for getting back. It’s a 7th Generation iPad (MW742LL/A) and the lightening adapter I’m using (FA-STAR USB Lightning Camera Adapter) was able to make the connection within a month ago.

I’ve tried two different standard/generic usb cables to connect the DDJ to the iPad, and two difference apple/factory chargers to connect the iPad to a power box; all cables appear to work normally on other devices.

Are u able to get any data from any iOS device with the adapter? We always recommend using Apple Factory Adapters as these are the only ones being natively supported by the system.

Not supported? But Pioneer says the DDJ-400 is supported now

Sound like the camera adaptor could have gone ‘mammaries skyward’!

Try connecting it and plugging a usb drive in it and see if that can be read…if not it might be the adaptor…


Same here, my pioneer ddj400 looks dead to djay pro. I have my monthly subscription paid and run it on ipad air 3th gen. Last time I played was fine but it was couple months ago, probably some software update.

Funny thing: is not the apple usb adapter because my Panda Worlde Keyboard is working fine on DJay. It’s something between the ddj400 and the software.

Guys, another detail: my ddj400 is working with djay running on iPhone 11. Seems like this problem is only on iPads.

Any idea?

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Problem was the charger! Must be more powerful than the iphone charger

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