Djay pro iPad, does it have midi learn like the Djay pro Mac?

As the title really. If the iPad version is calling itself ‘Pro’ then surely it would have this feature?


What about the DDJ-SX? I’m really curious why this controller isn’t on the supported list as my understanding is that it is class-compliant…

Lukas, what does this answer even mean, “not iOS Supported?” The SX requires no software/drivers when switched out of “Serato Mode” and sends MIDI. I don’t understand what more would be needed by a Class Compliant controller.

It’s about business . Not what’s supported. Look at dj player. It’s midi class compliant with any controller that has this function- u just map it!! Traktor products are not midi supported on purpose. Djay don’t want to implement it.

No i thas not. It hase the same setup setting as Djay2.

Hi there,

yes DJ Ivan is right, we are not support a midi mapping function with djay pro for the iPad right now.
Sorry for that.

Keep it up,
Lukas E.

Hi Eric,

unfortunately at the moment this is not possible due to the hardware of the ddi sb2. We are doing our best in order to get more controllers iOS ready, so stay tuned.

Lukas E.

The SB 2 and the SX are both not iOS supported controllers which is the reason they are not supported. I hope you understand, please check out for further informations.

Lukas E.

It’s something to do with the sound processor I believe as the Traktor s4 and s2 mk1 were the same so they brought out the mk2 which were class compliant.

Lukas, any ETA on supporting the pioneer DDJ-SB2 controller on iPad version? It works off Mac laptop of course but not iPad… We really want iPad support and I think it’s “just” about the mapping. You’re 99% of the way there.

I think even if they added support, someone who wanted full use of their software would benefit from a very portable Djay dedicated controller. They will make more software sales, and more people would use their software if they did. : ) I just wish I could cue on my Z1. Pitch shift wouldn’t be so bad either. Who am kidding. Midi Mapping would be the shizz. Keep up the hard work Algoriddim. Loving it.