djay pro, iPad Mini 1, Reloop Mixtour => crashed 3x last night

Hey folks,

last night I had the opportunity to test this setup on a birthday party:
iPad mini, 16gb, first gen (latest iOS9, factory reset, only djay pro and spotify installed)
Reloop Mixtour (latest firmware)
djay pro (latest update, downloaded a few days ago)
Apple wireless keyboard
Spotify via WiFi

To sum it up: the app crashed multiple times.

  1. Instant exit: browsed a playlist, started prelistening a track via Shift+Left HP button. Wondered if I can fast forward through the preview using the scrub wheel, turned the knob => crash. This was recognized as a crash by djay. Still wondering why scrubbing does not work this way.
  2. About the same type of crash while entering a search string via the Apple keyboard. Instant exit. Recognized as a crash.
  3. No Audio: the audio playback stopped out of the nothing, the rest of the app continued normally. Restarted the app, turned the mixtour off and on again. Not recognized as a crash.

I know that the iPad itself might be unsuitable / too old, but the system requirements only state “iOS 9”. It runs, it appears stable. Text entry in the search field is quite slow, but does the job. The mentioned crashes all appeard without any previous attention-I’m-going-to-crash-feeling.
If this had been a real gig…pheew…

Any hints what I might optimize *apart* from switching to a more recent iPad (which I will, for sure)?