Djay Pro iPad Mini - Running Slow

As I load the app its fine, but then i start to load in tracks and the waveforms load and it becomes really really slow. I looked in the settings but i can’t find many options on making the app faster. I spent £10 on this and i really want to be able to use it properly. Help me please!

And which Gen iPad - the speed increase between the various iPads is massive.

I’ll be honest, I’ve accepted that any new software is gonna run pretty sluggishly on my 5 year old iPad mini (same version, same gen).

Djay 2 runs decently on it - but the new iPad mini is 5x+ the speed of your current iPad mini and other iOS devices are up and over 10x faster.

My take on it: You can’t expect any device that no longer even receives the latest OS updates to run the latest software or games with any level of “acceptable” speed.

Hey Kevin,

thank you for your post. Can you tell us which version of djay you are using and which iOS version your iPad mini is using?

Cheers,Lukas E.

im using the latest version of djay pro, iOS version 9.3.5 and im on the first gen iPad Mini, i hope u can help me man!