Djay Pro Ipad post fader Fx? 3 Band EQ full kill?

I have 2 questions regarding Djay Pro 1.0.22 for iOS:
1- Is there a way to make the FX’s post fader as in Djay 3.1.4?
2- Is there a way to make the 3 band EQ full kill?
I have both versions of Djay for iOS, Pro and subscription but i just don’t like the subscription version and would like to stay with the Pro version if i can solve those 2 issues.

Hello Gonzalo, Thanks for your feedback. We have made substantial changes to the underlying FX engine to support post fader FX so it’s unlikely this will make it in older versions. The team is aware of full kill EQs, it’s on our list. As for the new version, could you please let me know what specifically you prefer about the old version. We are actively working on improvements and enhancements and I’ll be sure to pass it on to the team.

Thanks Gonzalo. I appreciate the feedback. This is very helpful and I’ll pass that on to the team for consideration in future updates.

Hello David,
I use a Reloop Mixon 4 and with the new version there is no way to know which FX is selected in the 3rd position of either FX unit, with Djay pro you could at least know the ones in deck 1&2.
Also the new version changed the mapping for the second function of the Hot cue and Loop roll buttons. Now you can’t access the instant fx or the loop roll toggle function with the expresion pads.
I don’t like the layout of the 4 deck view of the new version, I prefer de Djay pro one.
I also don’t like the subscription format. I have 2019 covered because I got a discount for being a Djay Pro owner but once the subscription ends I’m not renewing it.