DJay Pro iPhone. library scrolling is Sluggish.

In the most recent update for DJay Pro for the iPad,
an issue (scrolling is extremely sluggish) was solved when
Enabling “Show Artwork” in Settings/Library/General.
Can you please Update the Djay Pro for the iPhone to solve the same issue?

Is this mic on?

Yes, please refer to the original post for info

Hey Lukas, any news on this issue?

I think it could be the release of the windows version.
Mo’ Versions, Mo’ problems!

This issue was fixed.
Should take the credit

Hey there,

thank you for sharing, so basically in the djay Pro version for the iPhone the library scrolling is sluggish?

Lukas E.

I would like it to updated like the Mac version has as I’m planning on buying a iPhone 7 plus

On the subject of djay pro for iPhone. I’ve noticed during play a slight jitter. I have a iPhone 6s Plus. I’m planning on using this device for my gigs as it’s so portable.

An iOS update to Iron out issues is way over due. I think staff are away on holidays as no one has been around here for a while