“djay Pro” is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete “djay Pro” and download it again from the App Store. Anyone else had this?

I had this message come up when loading djay for a gig last month, I had to find wi-fi in the building and download a new version (djpro) that cost me £40, which I used for my gig and got refunded by iTunes the next day. Now I can’t use that either. Anyone else had this problem?

Had the same issue. Took me a week for Apple to send a new copy of the app. Apple could not find a record of my DJ Pro purchase 6 months ago. However it was listed in my iTunes purchases… Apple was never able to locate it in “their” system… Anyways good now.

Hi Matt,

our apologies, this problem came up because of an Apple App Store certification problem. But after deleting and downloading your djay version of the App Store this should be fixed. Is it possible that you purchased your first jay Pro version at our website?

Thank you in advance,

Lukas E.

Thanks- the guys at customer service were the best. Great communication and swiftly sorted out my issue and I’m back up and running. So I’m looking forward to years of trouble free mixing!

Hi I’m getting this issue on my Mac.

I’m running high Sierra 10.13.6

I have deleting the app, switching my machine on and off and updating my mac os but nothing works

When i try and reinstall the app it says I downloaded from another mac (I didn’t) and asks me to sign in, when I sign in it opens the app tries to verify me and the crashes then reopen tries verify then repeats that loop