Djay Pro is not showing collaborative playlists on Spotify. Why not? Djay for iPad does show them.

Unfortunately this is due a restriction from Spotify, but we have put in a request for Spotify to add this.

djay on iOS still uses an older Spotify interface which did support collaborative playlists.

I have this problem, “unexpected response from spotify” Try again

we need a solution soon. or an estimation.

It would be nice to be able to take in song suggestions using a collaborative list. For example.

I’ve been receiving the same error for the past week: “Unexpected response from Spotify”. It typically appears when I use the “Match” function on either my iPhone, iPad or Mac.

I agree. This is one of those features I assumed would be there when I purchased Djay Pro for Mac. Algoriddim, your program is amazing, but this is a critical omission.

Are there any updates on this? Program is useless for me at the moment when i can’t use collaborative playlists.


Please reference the new conversation here: temporary


Please reference the new conversation here: temp2

Same xxx here, program is crap without this feature! Fix-it or refund please