Djay Pro isn’t working properly with my IDJPro controller

Last week it worked famously this week, start buttons stopped working the jog wheels are quirky what happened?


same for me with my Mixon 4 : Sync button does not respond anymore (both side)

ps: ok i know real DJ don’t use Sync button :wink:

oh my mistake, sync does work on my mixon 4

I am having a similar issue where the tempo slider on the software (I am using Djay 2 for iPhone) is randomly increasing and decreasing in Tempo despite me not actually moving the tempo slider on my controller. It is very frustrating and makes it almost impossible to mix as the beats cannot be matched. This was not an issue before the App was updated to its most recent version.

For reference, I am using a DDJ-WEGO3.

Hi Lukas,

No, however from time to time I do press the Sync button, to enable key lock when mixing between different tempos.

I should also add, that this issue is only affecting the right channel for some reason, the left channel is completely unaffected.

Hi Jonathon, 

are you using an active Sync state when you mix? 

Lukas E.

Hi Jonathon,

This sounds very specific. Can you please record an exemplary video and send it to us via

Thank you in advance.