DJay pro keep crashing and nothing seem to fix it!

Hi all

I have a Gig coming in the weekend and DJay pro keeps crashing. I honestly am doubting I can trust it for the gig ! any one has any recommendation how I can fix it?

I am using Windows 10 and DJing from my hard drive. the programme will start the song and then crash after few seconds and closes the programme.

I need very urgent help please.

You won’t have help, their support is crazy bad. Use DJay pro has nothing of pro and should ONLY be used for home mixing. Simply use Serato or any other stable DJ software with frequent update for any Gig but certainely not this software.

I’ve only been using PC’s with Traktor, Serato and Mixvibes and i NEVER had any issue.

So, a PC is completely fine for ding but Djay Pro is the issue, their latest development stopped in July 2018…

Try songs from mp3 format. Your songs are probabily wave formarts wich didn’t work for me also

Hi Gabriel thank you for the advice, however I tried different formats and even tried spotify but it’s not responding

Get a nipad. I wouldn’t dare use to program as my main for a gig on windows or android. I have used it as my main on an ipad without any major issues.