Djay Pro key wheel gone! Please Bring it back!

Algoriddim please bring back the key wheel. It was so easy to find songs with the key wheel. But after the Djay pro update the key wheel was gone. Please bring back the key wheel.

I agree 100%! I have tried to find workarounds for this shortcoming but nothing works like the circle of fifths view.

I understand that the keys can be changed by the software by my mixing flow follows the circle of fifths (moving in fourths across the keys IE C=>F=>Bb=>Eb etc.) Having this view allowed me to use the key as the primary sort and then I could cross reference that against my smart playlists which were organized by rating regardless of genre.

This made it a lot easier to transition across genres as well.

Hoping that this view comes back. Its extremely useful for harmonic mixing and it would be extra useful when combined with the ability to shift target keys in the software.

Please bring this back!

Algoriddim please give us the key wheel view back!

I agree. We want the key wheel back!

This feature was hands down the reason why I dumped Traktor for Djay back in the day. Now finally upgrading to Djay Pro and I love everything else they added, but I relied on that wheel so heavily when just playing off the cuff that this might be a non-starter for me. :frowning: