DJay pro licence mac and windows 10

Hi i have djay pro for mac and i want to have it for my pc on windows 10how i have to do?

So the licence isn’t for the user its per device? If I have spent £50 on the mac version I do not get the iphone or ipads ones as well? Not even discounted?

Nope, no discount. Sorry but this company charges next to nothing for software… good software. You and I SHOULD have to pay for it.

I think they should charge more!

How much do you make for a gig? Play ONE gig and buy all the software you want.

Yep, you’re are DJ. Charge your clients more to cover the cost.

Well, this company is here to make money. Just because YOU don’t charge your clients doesn’t mean this company doesn’t have to charge.

Do a quick comparison to what other DJ software costs and then ask yourself again if they should charge you.

Don’t be cheap when you charge NOTHING to dj for your friends.

the same for me
One license bought as Djay 2 for Ipad
One licence bought as Djay PRO for IMac
so… have I to buy a third new one for Windows ?

Nice suggestion! unfortunately I only play for friends and private party… getting old :slight_smile:

Anyway, I totally agree with you, since Djay is the cheapest (and probably the best d’jng sw, actually). It cost the half than Serato and quite less than the similar others…defenitely for 50 USD only we really got everything we may need. Thanks for your comments


Hey there,

djay Pro for Windows is distributed via the Windows store for Windows 10 machines only.
Get it on Win 10 on the Windows App Store 

Cheers,Lukas E.

Buy the program on windows.

dude this is messed up, i want the trial before i buy but wont even open the installer once i click on the downloaded file?? so what should i do