DJay Pro Mac doesn't save cues on some tracks.

DJay Pro Mac doesn’t save cues on some tracks.
I caught it on tape.
I created a cue point. Restarted Djay. Cue gone.

I have the same issue. And sortig the BPM Colomn does not sort correctly.

I have the same issue. Loosing CUE points. Looks like that this issue have many user since several months. There are many posts reporting this issue.

Hey Manfred,

I noticed that if I input a BPM on the properties of the song file itself in iTunes. If DJay analyzes that song and the BPM is different. DJay will sort according to what you input in iTunes. You should write a separate post for this issue.

I can check.

  1. Ripped from LP. ( but most of my collection is ripped, but only happens to a few tracks).
  2. Reproduce? Did you see the video?
  3. As far as unloading first, I’ll try but if that’s my solution this would not be acceptable.
    Thank you, I’ll get back you.

Ok guys. Thanks a bunch. I’ll look at the file some more.

Hi Lucas,
I attempted to replicate my video first to compare to your theory. And DJay decided to save the Cue Points on that exact track without having to eject first.
Weird, I guess i’ll have to catch it then try your method afterwards.

I should tell you that in some cases if I Alter a Cue Point, DJay will reset the Cue Point to its original location while the song is playing.

Yes Daniel,
When setting up my library, I always use one deck only.
The whole point of this thread is that I can’t go live without a guarantee that My All my Cues are where put them (on All tracks).

Thank you for the info.

Couple questions: The the song that did not hold cue did it come from recordings, itunes, spotify or filesystem? Can you reproduce it and put in steps? What happens if you unload the the song before restarting DJay? does it keep it then?

I did see the video so there is no doubt it happened. I was just curious if there is a certain set of circumstances that it always happens on like it always does it on this song or something. I am not an employee of Algoriddim nor was I suggesting the unloading as the solution. I am just trying to understand the problem more. The more it is understood and identified the more likely we are to see resolution.

Is there anything else that might be unique like the bitrate or file type i.e mp3 wav etc. these might provide clues.

From my experience a complicating factor would be if you have the same song open on more than one deck simultaneously. Not sure if that is the scenario going on on some of these. I think it would be good if when DJ exits it goes out and saves unsaved cues same as when it gets ejected. If the app crashes or the computer crashes I can see loosing these cues. just like any other unsaved file. For me it actually makes sense not saving them until unload or some other event. I do not want the machine dealing with writes during a live performance. What if the disk could not be found or something now meta data cue writes to disk (which are still in memory) could potentially create a live performance issue if the right set of other issues are in play. Although we have sometimes see it save without ejecting have we ever seen it not save if we do?

anything notable like the ones that sometimesdon’t work are wav files or encoded differently in some way? just a thought

Hi Fred Perez,

thank you for the video.
Could you try the following:

  1. After setting the Cue point please “Eject” the track via Deck 1 -> Eject.
  2. Now close djay Pro
  3. Open djay Pro and see if the Cue point was stored

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

THIS WORKS, thank you!!!