DJay Pro Mac - Mixtour some controls having no effect

Hey everybody,

I have been enjoying DJAY pro on iPad with the Reloop Mixtour controller for quite a while.

Now, that I have been djaying online a lot, I thought I would give the Universal Mac App a try.

Plugged it in yesterday through USB and started playing around. I am on an iMac 5k with OS X 11.1 installed. DJ Pro AI 3.0.9

I got the pre-cueing working but found an issue with some controls not working, i.e. having no effect.

Master, CUE-vol, CUE-mix.

I went to the Mixtour config menu to check if these controls were recognised correctly, and yes they are! So, when I turn Master, the correct entry in the config is highlighted. Same goes for CUE-vol and CUE-mix. I can even see them change in the pre-cuing config. Only they are having no impact on the sound at all and thus I cannot control master-volume nor cueing-volume which is quite loud on my ears.

Device-Config is the following:
deck 1: MIXTOUR ch1-2
deck 2: MIXTOUR ch1-2
pre-cueing: MIXTOUR ch 3-4

CC0 Mixer Master Level
CC1 Mixer Monitor Level
CC6 Mixer Monitor Cue/Mix

Thanks for your help

Hey again.

Found a solution. In the Audio-Settings “internal” needs to be selected.

Had it on “external” thinking the MIXTOUR is an external device.

With the internal-setting all controls are working fine :slight_smile:

Cheers, Johannes

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