djay pro (macbook pro) to cdj2000's setup,cables required....

Im looking to use my macbook with djay pro to connect to cdj 2000’s.
what cables do i need firstly, and secondly what do i need to do with regards any menus pop up. a simple setup tutorial would be nice. i need to know this asap as i have a last min dj gig and minimal physical records as im abroad…

please help

Hi there,

please follow these two steps, they will get you to the djay instructions on how to setup a CDJ. After doing so repeat the steps and select another deck at the player with the other CDJ.

  1. Launch djay Pro for Mac and wait for it to be fully loaded.

  2. Plug your player into your computer via a spare USB port and turn it on. You will then

see a pop up message by djay with instructions to set up the player as a deck.