Djay pro & Mainstage, temperature issue

Good morning, for my live sets I am using dJay pro and MainStage simultaneously. With the increase of atmospheric temperature something starts to go wrong. After a few minutes in fact MainStage emits a pop-up that alerts about the computer temperature becoming too high that could cause problems with the audio. Meanwhile, the computer itself slows down its normal functions, such as browsing tracks in djay pro.
My computer is a mid-2015 macbook pro with an Intel i7 2.5 GHz processor and 16 GB of ram.
Considering the resource consumption of djay pro, do you think that as hardware it should be considered outdated to support this kind of usage?
Thank you for your answers!

I would think you will find other DJ software to be equally demanding. One way to improve things would be to switch to an M1 or M2 processor or an iPad as those are considerably better at everything heat-related. Apart from the costly way of upgrading, DJ Tech Tools also has a helpful article on this: Beat The Heat: Using DJ Gear In Sun + High Temperatures - DJ TechTools

Here’s the part that would be relevant for you, in case the link goes down in the future:

If you’re using a laptop or an all-in-one controller, you’ll want to be sure that they don’t overheat. Many laptops have mediocre cooling solutions, often sacrificing cooling for design. As such, it’s common for laptops to only be rated for a max ambient temperature of ~95º.

There’s a few good options out there – first, consider getting a fan cooler stand to go under your laptop. There are a ton of different models on Amazon for less than $25 with good reviews. This one is $21.99, USB powered, has three fans in it, and even tilts forward if you like.


Thanks djjoejoe, will test with a fan cooler i already have for now. I like too much djay pro for switching to another software :grinning:

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Update! Since I couldn’t find my old fan cooler around I had a look on the web and found an application called iStat Menus. Among its various functions is to monitor the temperature of the computer by operating the fans at the right time. What to say. It seems to work great, at least here at home (without air conditioning). I hope it works well at upcoming hot gigs as well :smiley:

I had the same problem 3 years ago with my MBP i7. I also had iStat menu to monitor overheating. But it wasn’t enough! The fans came on but it still wasn’t enough. I switched to the MBP with M1 and everything now works very well (I do around a hundred sets a year) :wink:

Interesting, thanks for the feedback